The award for Regus Dynamic Workplace Recovery was collected by Brendan Seifried and Joe Sullivan

Regus wins both BCI European and Asian Awards for Continuity and Resilience Innovation

June 06, 2016

UPDATE: On 25th August, Regus was awarded the 2016 Asia BCI award for Continuity and Resilience Innovation at an official ceremony in Singapore. Regus is now competing for the global Continuity and Resilience Innovation award, due to be announced in November 2016 at the BCI World Conference and Exhibition

For decades, companies have had only a few choices when selecting where to recover their people in the event of a disaster. These options were limited to static facilities which were often inaccessible, unreliable and over-subscribed.

Regus, the global workspace provider, has recently developed an innovative and economic solution called Dynamic Workplace Recovery, enabling companies to instantaneously and flexibly recover their employees in multiple locations based upon the particular demands of an event.

With natural disasters impossible to predict and an increased risk from other world events, the need to have an established workplace recovery plan is greater than ever. Now, instead of relying completely on a pre-determined site, clients can recover anywhere - same city or different country, close to home or close to work - based upon the impact of the event. Moreover, they are guaranteed availability as Regus does not oversubscribe and has a large and growing set of centres that are available to companies in need.

BCI European Awards

The innovative nature of the Regus Dynamic Workplace Recovery solution was recently recognised by the Business Continuity Institute’s (BCI) at its annual awards ceremony. The solution was awarded the 2016 BCI European Award for Continuity and Resilience Innovation.

Joe Sullivan, Managing Director of Workplace Recovery, Regus comments: “We believe that Regus Dynamic Workplace Recovery is the most innovative product in the workplace continuity space in over 20 years.

“The solution has been designed to meet the needs of today’s global, mobile and remote workforce by providing over 2800 locations globally to recover when an incident happens. Businesses can plan, be prepared, and reduce risk when disaster strikes. They are not limited to pre-determined decisions and can act swiftly and appropriately depending on the nature of the event.”

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About Regus

Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions, with a network of 2,800 locations across 106 countries and 977 cities, serving 2.3m members. Our customers include some of the most successful entrepreneurs, individuals and multi-billion dollar corporations. Through our range of office formats, as well as our growing mobile, virtual office, and workplace recovery businesses, we enable people and businesses to work where they want, when they want, how they want, and at a range of price points.

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