Help for businesses affected by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria

September 27, 2017

The devastation wrought by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria in Texas, Florida, south-east US and the Caribbean have left many businesses struggling to operate.

We are actively engaged in helping the business communities in these areas, as well as all workers displaced by the storms. Our Hurricane Relief Programme is up and running across the United States, and our doors are open: we welcome all businesses and employees that have been affected. Our centres offer a safe space to work and vital connectivity: all business lounges are free to use, and we invite you to drop in, plug in and get a coffee while getting back online.

We will ask for some basic information when you arrive at our centres so that you can get started quickly. Please mention the Hurricane Relief Programme at reception and our staff will help you find a space that meets your needs. The service is available for the duration of the crisis.

Free business lounge facilities are open Monday to Friday during business hours.

Please go to to locate your nearest centre.

Hurricane learnings

Our Hurricane Relief Programme has already helped many businesses continue to function. Out of a total of 303 Regus sites in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina, only a few remain impacted at the time of writing.

This is despite the fact that the water deposited by the category 4 Hurricane Harvey was the equivalent to Lake Michigan, and caused severe flooding across the region. Hurricane Irma, at category 5, was the most powerful Atlantic storm in a decade. As we write this post, Hurricane Maria – also category 5– is sweeping across the Caribbean.

This year’s hurricane season has taught us a number of lessons which we want to share with not just our customers, but every business, particularly if it operates in an area prone to extreme weather conditions.

We know that working from home is not a solution as residential neighbourhoods can also be evacuated, and at the very least may suffer power and connectivity outages. It is absolutely critical that businesses have more than one site for recovery operations, even if your site has its own generators and multiple internet access solutions.

It pays to take pre-emptive action, relocating your operating base and employees as soon as possible: your critical resources need to be prepared to leave a region at minimum notice.

It’s important to ensure your business takes a people-centric, not facility-centric, view on recovery. Ask yourself the following questions. Where do my critical resources live? How will they access a recovery site in a time of crisis? What happens if they are forced to evacuate by a government entity? What personal safety and security choices am I forcing them to make? How can I provide a productive work environment, with multiple, flexible locations to serve my critical resources best no matter what disaster strikes? Keeping the safety and wellbeing of your employees in mind will help them, and your business, through a time of crisis.

For more information on hurricane protection, go to

To learn more about workplace recovery and how successful businesses prepare for disasters, download our whitepaper and our workplace recovery checklist.

For further information on how Regus can help your organisation plan and prepare for hurricane season, please contact our team

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